Welcome to Mazdayasni Online

Welcome to Mazdayasni Online!
We hope that your visit to Mazdayasni Online is full of enlightenment and understanding. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information. If it’s not on here yet, we can find a good resource for you. If you need help converting or wish to learn more about Zoroastrianismm, we’re here for you as well. We recommend you start with “The Sacred Gathas of Zarathushtra & The Old Avestan Canon”, a modern and accessible translation of the Gathas, the very words of Zarathushtra, and the Old Avestan Canon, composed by the first Mazdayasni community from Zarathushtra’s direct teachings. Below you’ll find a copy of our About page for your reference to get you started on your Ashavic Enlightenment!

What is Mazdayasna?
Mazdaynasa, known as Zoroastrianism in the English-speaking world, is a complex, ancient, and diverse spiritual tradition that believes in Ahura Mazda as The One Above All and that there are various divinities that emanate from Ahura Mazda in the quest to perfect reality through choosing to attune with Asha (the mystical truth-force that is our birthright and permeates all) and the practice of its Threefold Path of Good Thoughts, Good Works, and Good Deeds. Interpretations may differ, but Zoroastrians are generally united in their Ashavic mission, which is by far more important than arguments on belief.

What is Mazdayasni Online?
Mazdayasni Online is primarily an infosite maintained by Mazdayasni scholar and convert Pablo Vazquez for those interested in learning more about Mazdayasna, adherents wanting to dig deeper into their faith, and the like. It was also created to help connect potential converts to trustworthy sources on their Mazdayasni path. If you’d like to help us out or need elucidation on something not currently presented on the site, please don’t be afraid to contact us!

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