Ahuna Vairya

The Ahuna Vairya, also known as the Yatha Ahu Vairyo and Ahunwar, is considered the most powerful and sacred manthra in the religion through essence and lesson. It is not simply enough that one recite it truthfully, but also one must act according to it, making its message become reality. The Yasna itself speculates that the manthra was the primordial utterance of Ahura Mazda, that it aids the virtuous in their course, supports one in repelling the Daevas, and that it is powerful enough to redeem all from simple mortality. It is a lesson on how to order one’s life and how to build a progressive community centered around Asha.

It calls upon the blessings of Vohu Manah, Ahura Mazda, and of the Ratus, most notably the Prophet Zoroaster, who was believed to be the first person to recite these words. Asha as a term is beautiful, multi-faceted and nuanced. It is Truth, it is Being, it is Right-Working, it is Cosmic Order, it is Harmony. The Ahuna Vairya is as follows:

Liturgical English Translation:
“Worthy and chosen through Asha are they,
the Ratus throughout the world,
who bring enlightenment to the world,
through deeds done on behalf of Ahura Mazda,
who has become the advocate of the impoverished.”

Original Avestan Transliteration:
“ýathâ ahû vairyô
athâ ratush ashâtcît hacâ
vanghêush dazdâ mananghô
shyaothananãm anghêush mazdâi
xshathremcâ ahurâi â
ýim drigubyô dadat vâstârem!”

To learn how to pronounce it in Avestan, click here for a recording.