The Airyeman-Ishyo (or Airyaman Ishya) is one of the sacred manthras of Mazdayasna. With its recitation and a true meditation upon its words, we remind ourselves that we do not just work for ourselves, but for our brethren as well. Through our unity in the great fellowship of the Vohu Manah, of Ahura Mazda, not only do we become unstoppable against the Daeva and their Druj essence, but we are strengthened through Asha as individuals in our every day lives. It is usually known as the final manthra, the one that dispels the Daeva in full from our minds and renews us truly.

Throughout the ages, the Airyeman-Ishyo has been considered a manthra of power that provides great healing, mostly of a spiritual kind. It heals not just the spirit of our bodies, but the spirits of our communities as well, whether it be as grand as the Ashavic Fellowship or as intimate as one’s closest friends and family. Through it, we are brought to task to never forget that we are not alone. We are here as companions of Ahura Mazda in the great cosmic battle against the Daeva and, as such, we will always be united with each other to bring forward the Frashokereti, the literal “making wonderful” of all existence, a continual Great Work by us all. Asha as a term is beautiful, multi-faceted and nuanced. It is Truth, it is Being, it is Right-Working, it is Cosmic Order, it is Harmony. The Airyeman-Ishyo is as follows:

Liturgical English Translation:
“May Airyaman bring aid to all people of Zarathushtra,
and uphold the enlightened spiritual teachings,
which deserve enviable praise.
I plead for the empowerment,
which Ashi provides through Asha,
as Ahura Mazda has ordained.”

Original Avestan Transliteration:
“ā airyə̄mā iš́yō rafəδrāi jaṇtū
nərəbyascā nāiribyascā zaraϑuštrahē
vaŋhə̄uš rafəδrāi manaŋhō
yā daēnā vairīm hanāt̰ mīždəm
aṣ̌ahyā yāsā aṣ̌īm
yąm iš́yąm ahurō masatā mazdå.”

To learn how to pronounce it in Avestan, please click here for the recording.