The Sacred Gathas of Zarathushtra & The Old Avestan Canon: A Modern Translation Of Ancient Wisdom

The ancient and mystical poetry of Zarathushtra and the first Zoroastrians: Now accessible to the public in a modern translation!

Zarathushtra’s Gathas & the Old Avestan canon are the central texts of Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest continuously practiced religions in the world. It has had a vast influence on the development of many other religions, philosophies, global ethics, and more. Composed by Zarathushtra and the first Zoroastrians more than 3000 years ago, they remain surprisingly evergreen in their relevance and applicability throughout the ages. These ancient and mystical texts speak of the constant struggle to be virtuous, the rewards that come from it, how oppression and tyranny must be fought against, how to follow the Path of Asha, and more spiritual and ethical lessons. With this new and innovative translation, Pablo Vazquez, a Zoroastrian scholar and convert, sheds new light on these sacred texts of eternal wisdom in a way that makes them accessible to a modern audience and allows Zarathushtra’s original message to spread into the 21st century and beyond.

Here’s what clergy, leaders, luminaries, and scholars have been saying about this modern translation of ancient wisdom:

  • Homi Gandhi, Former President of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America: “Beneficial to those who want to understand the primary message of Zarathushtra as recited in the Gathas!”
  • Mobed Kerman Katrak, Zoroastrian priest, North American Mobeds Council: “The Gathas of Zarathushtra, as translated by Pablo Vazquez, are very easy to follow and understand. The Avestan approach in translation is highly commendable. I would highly recommend this book.”
  • Parshan Khosravi, Co-Chair of the Zoroastrian Youth of North America and Chair of the 7th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress: “It is way past time that our religion, history, and culture is told through a lens that reflects our community and our people. Pablo Vazquez’s translation corrects decades of false reliance on underinformed and biased translations made by Eurocentric translators that didn’t care to deliver the deeper meaning of Gathas through their translation. This book will help us, and our next generations, fully capture the deep meanings of the Gathas in ways that were never before captured.”
  • Dr. Michael Muhammad Knight, Religious Studies Scholar and Author: “A critical resource for students and scholars of Zoroastrian tradition. Faithful and beautiful, rigorous while remaining accessible. A profound achievement and contribution to the field.”
  • Hoshang Merchant, modern India’s first openly gay major poet and author of “Yaraana: Gay Writings from South Asia”: “Pablo Vazquez, though a convert to Zoroastrianism, is a true lover of Zarathushtra. His is a fresh and revolutionary voice necessary in the faith and the world over. His translation of the Gathas, the only hymns of Zarathustra we have, are important because they make clear that these core texts of Zoroastrianism reject the precepts of bigotry and intolerance found in some later Sassanian texts. As a queer Zoroastrian, I wish nothing but success for this book and call for all Zoroastrians to welcome the LGBTQ+ community to which the translator and I belong.”
  • Payam Nabarz, author of “Mysteries of Mithras” and editor of “Anahita: Ancient Persian Goddess and Zoroastrian Yazata“: “This is an accessible version of the Gathas written by the author for ‘modern audiences’. The author’s passion for Zoroastrianism and knowledge of it is clearly evident from the very first pages. A great addition to any collection on the topic.”

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