Yenghe Hatam

The Yenghe Hatam is one of the sacred manthras of the religion. With its recitation and a true meditation upon its words, we connect ourselves to the current of the worthy, the venerable possessors of Asha amongst us throughout all of time, known always as the Ashavans. It is by the righteous example of those around us and our ancestors, sanguine, spiritual, and/or cultural, that we better ourselves in the service of Asha and become as Yazatas (those worthy of veneration).

It, in all of its unspoken beauty, is an attack against the Daeva and all their servants, notably dishonesty, sexism, classism, racism, and all of the artificial cages built around us through our aid of Angra Mainyu preventing us from becoming a glorious and shining community centered around Happiness, Asha, and Life. In it, the living and those who have lived join us as a wall against the House of Lies as we fight for the beauty of Asha and the glory of Ahura Mazda. Asha as a term is beautiful, multi-faceted and nuanced. It is Truth, it is Being, it is Right-Working, it is Cosmic Order, it is Harmony. The Yenghe Hatam is as follows:

“They that are, who are of any gender,
Ahura Mazda knows through Asha
of their glorious sacrifices:
Thus, we offer them worship!”

“ýenghê hâtãm âat ýesne paitî
vanghô mazdå ahurô vaêthâ
ashât hacâ
ýånghãmcâ tãscâ tåscâ ýazamaide!”

To learn how to pronounce it in Avestan, click here for a recording.