Becoming a Mazdyasni

If you are a Mazdayasni and are still confused/concerned about conversion, please click here for Mobed Dr. Kersey Antia’s excellent 200+ page arguments for why conversion is not just a modern occurrence but a key component of the faith from the start.

The Process
While anyone can believe as a Mazdayasni, practice as a Mazdayasni, and even worship alongside other Mazdayasnis, if one wishes to undergo a formal conversion one must be initiated into the faith and fellowship. This is done these days through a ceremony known by many names depending on your culture but amongst Iranians it is known as the Sedreh Pushi and among Parsis as the Navjote. It can be a difficult process to even begin as a convert but it is nonetheless rather rewarding, educational, and spiritually fulfilling. Centers may ignore you, Mazdayasnis may be confused, and especially your family and friends may have no idea why you’re even doing all of this but I encourage you to persevere.

Through my own experience, I have some advice to provide that may help in the process. Please spend a year or two really studying at least the basics of the faith however you can before you reach out to a mobed to begin the process. They will want to see that you’re serious, invested, and at least a bit knowledgeable before they even consider you for initiation. Once you find a mobed (more important than finding a center and being ready to possibly travel far), you may be in for another couple of years of education, memorization, questioning, meetings, and more depending on what the mobed further requires of you before they’re willing to initiate you. This is normal and I find that sometimes converts drop out during this process because of the length or intensity of what I like to label the “training montage” period. Do not be further discouraged by this as besides it being good to have enough time to memorize and learn the prayers and rituals necessary for the initiation, it is also great to have enough time for discernment, getting to know your mobed and community, and more.

Don’t forget: You’re hopefully in this for the long run and not just a fleeting interest. If you are, please reconsider the process and instead be comfortable just learning about Mazdayasna as easily disinterested “converts” make things all that much more difficult for the rest of us. The actual initiation ceremony can differ depending on the officiating mobed’s tradition and culture but a standard ceremony used by Parsi Mazdayasnis can be found here to help potential converts gain a good idea of what they’re preparing for. Again, discuss with your officiating mobed as to what your initiation will look like and don’t go in with 100% set expectations. These are also joyous community events so do invite your loved ones and ask the mobed to make the local Mazdayasni community aware so that you can connect to your new community and feel the love of fellowship.

I Want to Convert but Don’t Know Where to Start!

That’s perfectly fine! I was where you are right now. No matter where you are in the world, I will do my best to help you in joining the Zoroastrian Fellowship and thus align yourself further to the Path of Asha. Please use the form below to express your interest in beginning the conversion process and in the message let me know where you’re located and a bit about what brought you to this stage. Be blessed!